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0: We're happily married or engaged.

1: We signed a separation agreement or separated 5+ years ago.

2: We reached an oral agreement on the terms of our divorce.

3: Neither of us know what fair divorce terms would be.

4: We have significant disputes, but are both willing to negotiate.

5: My spouse refused to participate in negotiations.

6: There is an emergency, such as abuse.

Prenuptial Agreement
Agree on the terms of your divorce now to avoid disputes later.
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Simple Divorce
Pay $650 for King @ Law to handle your divorce filings, service of process, motion for divorce, cover court fees, and pay other expenses to get your divorce decree.
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Separation Agreement + Divorce
Pay a single flat-fee for King @ Law to handle your separation agreement, get a divorce decree, and cover court fees/expenses.
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Informal Negotiations
Pay a flat-fee for King @ Law to complete an accounting, prepare settlement offers/counter-offers, and advise on what terms you should offer or accept.
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Structured Negotiations
Structured negotiations have a 90% success rate at reaching an agreement on divorce terms, so long as both spouses opt-in.
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Litigation is a last resort to compel your spouse to disclose evidence, participate in negotiations, or face the court's decisions on divorce terms.
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King @ Law does not provide services related to emergency court orders.

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