Signing a will is not enough to give clear instructions to those you leave behind. King @ Law helps you create a complete plan, including end-of-life healthcare decisions, what to do with your remains, and how to make things more convenient for your family.

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Estate Planning Documents


Provides instructions on who will distribute your property and who will get what.

Powers of Attorney

Gives or limits the rights of your executor to make decisions when you are unconscious or dying.


Provides instructions on what to do, or not to do, with your remains.

Advanced Directive

Control when doctors will use artificial means to keep you alive.


Passes on information about accounts, logins, and a personal message.


How to register your documents, add convenience, and improve enforceability.


Automatically creates estate planning documents based on information you provide.

Includes all of the documents listed in the prior section, such as a will, powers of attorney, and advanced healthcare directive.

Does not include any support from an attorney, though you can purchase $65 consultation(s) separately.

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Full Service

Includes everything in the DIY service.

King @ Law handles recording documents with the Secretary of State and Register of Deeds. Associated filing fees are covered.

Includes up to five consultations with an attorney.

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Living probate proceedings that prove the will is authentic while you are still alive.

Complex estates and trusts, such as providing for under-age beneficiaries in monthly payments.

Updates or revisions to pre-existing estate planning documents.

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