Documents for Simple Divorce Filings in NC

The Divorce Filings

  • A Cover Sheet (form CV-750): This tells the clerk what you’re filing.
  • A Complaint: This contains factual allegations required by statute saying you qualify for divorce.
  • A Verification: This is where you promise what you said in the Complaint is true.
  • A Summons (form CV-100): This tells your spouse they have 30 days to respond.
  • An SCRA Affidavit (form G-250): This is where you promise your spouse is not serving the military abroad, where they would be unable to respond to the divorce filings.
  • An SCRA Report: This is created here and proves your spouse is not in the military.

The Motion for Divorce

  • Another CV-750 Cover Sheet: This tells the clerk what you’re filing.
  • Motion for Default: A motion asking the clerk to find the defendant did not respond to the divorce filings in time.
  • Affidavit of Service of Process (form CV-105): This is where you promise you delivered a copy of the divorce filings to your spouse.
  • Proof of Service of Process: Provide evidence your spouse received a copy of the divorce filings.
  • Motion for Divorce Judgment: This is where you ask the court to sign a divorce decree.
  • Certificate of Service: This is where you promise you sent a copy of the motions to your spouse.
  • Judgment for Absolute Divorce (form CV-710): This is the divorce decree you’re asking the court to sign. There is a standard form used for divorce by clerk, and a less standardized approach to divorce judgments done by a judge.
  • Certificate of Divorce (form DHHS 2089): This is used to update public records.
  • Notice of Hearing (G-130): If your county requires a hearing in front of a judge