DIY Course: Simple, Uncontested
Divorce in North Carolina

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Duration: 3 months
Steps: 10
Level: Beginner


Working hours

Monday9:30 am - 6.00 pm
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  • Document wizards automatically create your legal documents
  • Step-by-step instructions and video tutorials walk you through the process
  • Limited chat support from an attorney helps you along


  • The spouses have been living in separate homes for at least twelve months.
  • At least one spouse has been living in the same NC county for the last six months.
  • Your spouse is not in jail or in the military and you know their address.
  • You do not anticipate any legal disputes or claims that require adjudication.



Divorce Filings

Video Overview
Document Wizard: Your Divorce Filings
Video Tutorial: SCRA Report
Instruction: Filing with the Court

Service of Process

Document Wizard: Optional Letter
Instruction: Service of Process via Certified Mail
Instruction: Wait 37 Days

Motion for Divorce Judgment

Document Wizard: Motion for Divorce Judgment
Instruction: Proof of Service and Filing the Motion
Wait and Follow-up
A typical simple, uncontested divorce in North Carolina takes about three months. The actual time can vary depending on the cooperation and promptness of the spouses. You can expedite your divorce with waivers and by driving to the courthouse to file court papers in-person, instead of by mail. However, for most spouses, these inconveniences outweigh the benefit of getting divorced faster.
In addition to the fees you spend on this service or a lawyer, the court will charge $225 to file for divorce. You'll also spend $20 for the court's motion fees and about $20 for other expenses, like stamps.
Many DIY tools are gimmicky. They often falsely infer getting divorced is easier than it is or can be done online. They often only provide the tools and information necessary to file for divorce, but not to finish the process and secure a divorce judgment. Most of the time, all they provide is a large PDF file with text instructions. This tool is operated by a licensed attorney that is therefore governed by the Bar Association's regulations for honest advertising. It provides more support with video tutorials, step-by-step walkthroughs, and chat support. You can login at any time to see what step you are on and what the next step is.
No. Many DIY services strongly infer you can, but this is not the case. Courts require paper documents, ink signatures, and real notary stamps.
The attorney chat support is intended to answer quick questions, clarify the instructions, or help you on something you're stuck on. We do not provide legal advice, 1:1 coaching, support that goes beyond the scope of the course, or support for excessive inquiries. The attorney may stop providing chat support for these reasons or others. The course is intended to be mostly DIY and self-guided.